GRIDS OF LIGHT - Company Message

Welcome to New Earth 2013 
Along with its creator and all of humanity, Grids of Light has emerged 
on this side of December 2012 completely in a state of transformation.  
"It  began as an intuited drive to learn Geometric Light Language, then to 
create a space to share the knowledge and connect with those I could assist with
 manifestations and personal lives.  What it has been is a point of origin for Soul connections which are synchronistic and significant beyond the capability of words to describe.  What it has become is a portal entrance into a fractally expanding 
sphere of information, research, and tools for the awakening Gaian Race."  
Angela Savitri Petersen
creator of 


Grids of Light
Tonal Light Language
Activation System

Polarity Reversal, Removal of 
Entities, Negative Attachments,
Thought Forms etc.

Soul Blueprint Activation


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 Please contact us for more information
or to schedule consultations while 
Grids of Light recreates itself in 2013.

News and Announcements

1/24/13: Site Re-Write Underway - New Vedic Grids, Tonal Light Language Activations
                                                  Planetary Magic Squares, Energetic Clearing, Entity   
                                                  Removal, Structured Geo-Arithmetic Fields, Vagus 
                                                  Nerve and Soul Blueprint Activations, Dimensional 
                                                  Excercises and Guided Meditations....stay 'tuned'    
                                                  and please CONTACT ME for more information on 
                                                  anything that is not yet updated on the site!    

2/1/13: February in New England- Angela will be in Providence , RI during the month of
                                                  February...if you are in the New England area and    
                                                  would like to schedule a workshop, class, or personal
                                                  consultation for yourself, your group or company 
                                                  please email me at to 
                                                  discuss scheduling etc.

6/18/13: Spiritual Woodstock -       Summer Solstice 2013 Event in the Black Hills of
                                                  South Dakota.