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Welcome to Part 2 of the 2017 Solstice Season Geometric Light Language Grid Activations. This series of Geometric Light Language Grid expressions has been transmitted to assist with the emotional, physical, energetic and quantum shifts we are going through right now as human be-ings present on planet Earth 2017!

Part 1 of the Solstice / New Moon Activations brought us a Grid of deep, bold colors which created and cleared space for us to power up, deepen our commitments and intentions, revitalize our life force and step through the Solstice gateway.

Part 2, transmitted during the Solstice vibrations of the June 20-21 portal, takes us into the space created over the last several days (and months) and firmly connects us to the new multi dimensional reality we are now existing in. The color frequency band is raised to higher levels, and the energies of the Grid are multiplied in it's intricate expression, creating a delicate framework of quantum cosmic light for us to expand our dance of reality creation and heart centered human existence here on our beloved planet.

The Grid is infused with a 'dimensional antenna', and 'tuning fork' type of 'sonar' to transmit quantum, etheric, dimensional information directly to our physical cells and tissues. This is enhanced by the presence of a shape which is the strongest possible transistor of light, its surfaces and angles create 'magic' to perpetuate the dimensional communication process with our physical DNA / RNA and to guard and monitor the integrity of the process to the most minute detail as we level- up!

Communication and integration on all planes and levels are supported and facilitated by this Grid, braiding together spirit and earth, higher and lower dimensional frequencies, and illuminating multiple paths upon which to proceed as human be-ings, in whichever stage of awakening or ascension that we find ourselves in.

The light colors from the upper frequency bands in this Grid work together to remove resistance, eliminate stagnant structures and collect unused geometries and distorted thought forms. This is done while providing accuracy, delineation, organization and acceleration to our journey towards dimensional mastery. We are supported to flex without stress, to identify and heal the weaknesses in our process, to effortlessly negotiate agreements between the lower and higher aspects of our selves and implement the changes in the best way possible.

All of these functions and support systems are also linked directly to our verbal expression, through the presence of the medium blue great stellated dodecahedron. Our synapses are activated by this color and combined with this shape we will be encouraged, enabled and assisted in letting our knowing flow forth through our mouth, to truly speak our truth and express externally that which we know internally we are becoming.

As with Part 1 of the activation, use this Grid in open eye meditation, allow it to flow through your fields, breathe it in and out and feel the quantum pulses emanating from it. As I have worked to translate the energies of this Grid, I have realized that it is an important tool not just for this season, as we move into the New Moon in Cancer, but that it will be expressing itself in various ways in the coming weeks as we traverse this cycle into the August gateway- it will work with us to enhance our practices as pioneers of consciousness and explorers of New Earth in our magnificently upgrading human bodies! Links and updates will be posted here on the Grids of Light facebook page as they unfold.

Happy Expanding....

with L O V E,




After the chaotic energies of May and in spite of the physical and energetic upset manifesting itself in our inner and outer worlds, the time of the Solstice / New Moon is an opportunity to harness the intensified cosmic vibrations of the season and take a real s

As I reviewed the last publicly shared Grid transmissions that came through during the Eclipse season of February, I noticed that the themes are very much continued and expanded with this new series of activations for the Solstice / New Moon of June. In February we were supported and encouraged to break old programming, connect to our cosmic higher selves and to flow into co-creation of new and more magical chapters of our lives here on planet Earth.

The first Grid of this series energetically clears out the space for our progress to be realized and adjusts our human bodies along dimensional timelines to allow integration of what we have been working on and learning over the past few months (and years!). During the magnified energies of the Solstice season we have the potential to break out of our loop, to find our center and step into creation of the goals we have been setting and the new way of living we have been searching for.

This process is wonderfully supported by the geometries of this Grid of Quantum Light. The rich colors provide for a boost of healing and clearing of left over residues and blockages hanging around in our emotional, mental and physical subtle bodies. The greens especially support this, while the more orange and brownish tones work to flush out all the magic in our fields and turn it into easy creative manifestation on the physical plane. We are empowered and filled with a sense of commitment to our goals and intentions, our energetic experiences and thoughts are filled with new meaning, and our vital life force energies are intensified and amplified into the process.

The burgundy tones bring power, clarity, stability and longevity to our results, and the fuschia vibration is there to blend physical and energetic forces together into lighthearted, joyful mastery filled with universal love and never ending grace. We are responsible for our own realities, and this Grid helps us to move into the space of knowing, realizing and practicing that!

Use this Grid in open eye meditation and contemplation practices. Allow it to fill your aura, and create the space for you to review where you have been, what you have learned, and where you wish to go next. Focus on the letting go of remnants of programming, blockages and uncertainty. Let the Grid fill your fields with optimism, joy and grace regardless of what type of chaos you may be witnessing in the world around you. Allow yourself to breakthrough to a place where dimensions and timelines merge to create a new time and space here on planet Earth.

The collective vibration is shifting as so many humans work with these evolving energies – together we can do this!




As we have traversed the month of September and are integrating the energetics of the moon cycles and eclipses, many of us are in states of change, transformation-even upheaval in our lives and relationships.

This Geometric Light Language Grid manifested this morning as I was connecting to requests and comments from beloved clients and friends, all experiencing difficult relationships and living situations- a common thread of an uncomfortable, precarious feeling has been expressed, and Source has responded with the Grid of Quantum Light!

The geometries and colors of this Grid encompass so much of what has been expressed to me in the last days. I invite anyone who is experiencing these feelings of difficulty in any type of interaction or relationship, uncertainty or any type of uncomfortable situation in your daily life to flood your aura with these energies and to let resonance flow into your fields.

The power circuit of this Grid (3,6,9) brings crystal clear clarity to perceptions and the ability to see reality for what it is without confusing emotional attachment to what is manifesting. Whatever the causes or details you are given the strength to take ownership of the fact that a wrong reality can be changed-energy is scooped up and expanded, opening the way for miracles.

Control issues are confronted released with power and lucidity, bringing increased discrimination and truth to thought forms. Long term change is cultivated through recognition of ego, personality and soul agreements. Tetrahedrons and unused sacred geometries that have stagnated in the fields are collected and transmuted, bringing order from chaos.

Energy vampirism and psychic manipulation are addressed at a core level by the Great Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron in the 5 position. This shape has great powers of mediation, creation of peace, accountability and dissipation of energies.

Energies are grounded and anchored, friction is reduced and grace comes to the forefront by the placement of the Snub Icosidodecadodecahedron in the 2 position. This shape works on mental and emotional levels to bring comfort to uncomfortable situations. The Fuschia color lightens the movements and blends energies to let expression become gentle and relaxed.

Communications are jump started and strengthened, shadows are pushed away and transformation is set up as the Rhombicosahedron in the 1 position moves between the physical and dimensional fields, collecting light and mapping new territories.

The Snub Dodecahedron in the 4 position locks in these new powers of communication, maintaining the integrity of self, stabilizing communications and cultivation the power to understand complex woven patterns of energy. Less obvious choices are brought to the surface, armor like protection is set in place, healing begins and boundaries are set in the physical and energetic fields.

The unlimited spin of the Dodecahedron opens up the potential for balance and lightening of the 'load' in the 8 position of this grid. The polarities are further synchronized and fine tuned by the Great Snub Dodecicosidodecahedron in the 7 position.

Clearing Grid for Light Beings


Clearing Grid for Light May all Beings of Light find Peace in their Hearts.

May all Beings of Light find Freedom in their Souls.

May all Beings of Light find Truth in their Paths.

May all Beings of Light be clear to See the Divine once again.

As we walk the path towards renewed sovereignty of Spirit and Heart, may we all find wisdom in our experiences and Divine Truth in our Beings.

May our expression of Self be as pure and free as the winds of the Divine Love that live in us all.

May we see through the ages all the truths of Ourselves once again, and learn from our experiences here on Earth to expand ever higher and farther in our expressions of the Divine Itself.

May we let go of all illusions and seeming blockages in our paths, and see them as steps that bring us ever higher to the mountaintop of our true Selves.

Let us be like the water in the river, ever pervading and flowing, moving obstacles from our path by patiently wearing them into the pebbles that support the very ground that we flow on.

Flowing ever steadily towards the Ocean of the Divine once again, knowing that all is One and all is Free, and that we can now stand in our power as our own Truth and our own Freedom once again.

Peace and Blessings to All.


Ka’re Ana Sha


May 28, 2015

I received the 'download' for this wonderfully powerful and magically graceful grid this morning as I gazed out my window onto the majesty of the Atlantic ocean, the ringing of church bells and the screeching song of seagulls soaring in the breeze past my window. I am so thrilled to share this grid – with LOVE from Portugal.

This Grid of Sacred Geometric Light Language can be focused on or programmed to assist with whatever energies you are navigating during this time of Mercury Retrograde as the sun enters Gemini and ten planets are involved in potentially difficult squares this week. The squares have highlighted oppositions between 3D logic and the imagination and dreams of what is possible in higher vibrational conscious landscapes. The themes of “opportunities in the difficulties” and “possibilities arising from tensions” are directly addressed by this Grid, as we see that there are still long held beliefs and patterns to examine, and structures to change in our personal and collective realities. 
The Moon in Libra today triggers us to find new balance, and I invite you connect with this Grid and allow the geometries to infuse your fields with its energies of deep healing, on physical, mental, emotional and quantum levels.

The frequencies of the field this Grid creates connect you dimensionally to your higher selves, guides and angels through a combination of platonic solids in various stages of complexity and one of the highest magical shapes, the Pentagrammic Crossed Antiprism. The 'power circuit' of the Grid is made up of deep greens and slate blue, vibrating through geometries which have the abilities to direct energies gently, deeply and smoothly, balancing polarities and changing 'wrong' reality like a dance, into deep, thorough and lasting healing on physical and etheric levels.

Communications course through your physical and energetic bodies carried by these geometries, guided towards completion of whatever you have committed to from a DNA level; light moves with grace through the layers of your aura, led like a magnet to areas that are in need of 'patching' or repair. Energetic and physical tensions and pressures are released and escorted away, making way for vital energies to thrive, and it is all regulated and stabilized with higher knowledge and wisdom through the 'God-form' shape of the Small Retrosnub Icosidodecahedron.

Visit the New and Archived Grids link for downloadable versions of this and other Grids or visit for the latest posts from Grids of Light.

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