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The items on this page are available to download and share.
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These Tonal Light Language Activations of pure Geometric Light Language are in the form of Adobe Reader Slideshows.  Feel free to print them if you like but they are very paper and ink intensive.  

These activations are built around one set of 9 colored polyhedra, expressed both in the Vedic Square Grid pattern, and in the grids of each
of the Planetary Magic Squares.  Numeric grids are also included.
More detailed information on the Planetary Magic Squares, the Vedic Square, the Numeric Grids and how I work with them will be published
on this site soon.

Right Click on the links below and then click on Save As to download the files to your computer.  When you open them from your computer Adobe should ask to open them in full screen, click Yes then navigate through the slides with your arrow buttons or spacebar.  If the slides do not open in full screen, click the View tab of Adobe Reader and choose the Full Screen option.

WIsdom of the Ages.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)

WISDOM OF AGES 12-12-2015-   Based on a Grid for a beloved client and friend, this Vedic Root Grid evolved into an incredible Tonal Activation which connects to the powerful energetic portals of December 2015, and enables us to utilize the wisdom we have gained here on Planet Earth, then to connect to the eternal essence of our I AM presence and carry the Codes forward into our physical reality.

LIONS GATE 2015 VEDIC ACTIVATION (Catalyst for Change/ DNA Upgrade)
Created during the rare and powerful Lions Gate of 2015, this Geometric Light Language Tonal Activation helps you to learn to create a structured field of potential using the Grids, and to transmit your intentions into this space.  The geometries of this Root Grid set are catalyzing, powerful and supportive of growth in any situation and on all levels of being.

CLEARING ACTIVATION - Created during June 2015, this Tonal Activation combines three powerful sets of geometries each in their own timeless Universal pattern to assist us in clearing our own toroidal fields and to start the process of Quantum Healing.  However this Activation also provides us with an opportunity to transmit these powerful grids and invocations through selfless service into the Torus fields of all that is.

Though these next two presentations were originally created in 2012, the geometries are even more relevant today as we proceed through our growth towards living in a new way!


POLARITY SHIFT -This Tonal Light Language Activation will assist in switching polarities                         from negative to positive in your life, cutting cords,                                                   removing psychic implants, detrimental                                                   thought forms, addictive patterns, past life attachments... 


Click on the Adobe Icon to

Connect with the multi-dimensional 
particles of water in your body to retrieve your
Soul's blueprint from the quantum fields. 
Perfect follow up to the POLARITY activation!