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Magnetic Beings, Geometry, and The Law of Attractiont

At its least complex level the 3D human energy field is comprised of three basic layers: the outer most Magnetic Field, then the Geometric Field, compressed together these two form the Gravity Well of the Physical Body...The individual electromagnetic field is very weak in its relation to the heavy electromagnetic grid of the planet - the Matrix.

Prior to the end of the civilization of Lemuria there were inhabitants on this planet that were Magnetic Beings.  At this time the electromagnetic grid of the planet was weaker in comparison to its inhabitants and instead of gravity wells, Lemurians and other magnetic beings were points of gravity-creating and interacting with their own fields of potential -Grand Creators.

The energetic space around them in which they could work with light on a quantum level, using magnetism to create the reality of their choosing around them we will call the Geometric Field.  This is the field in which the geometry created by thoughts and controlled by emotions interacts with the magnetic fields of potential to structure the manifestations of physical reality.

Since the time of Lemuria, this creational geometric field has been neutralized by the heavy magnetic field of potentials as it has become increasingly complex and distorted.  The geometry flowing from energetic portals of the veiled human body collides with wells of gravity into distorted matrix geometries which create energetic structures around the individual, family, community, country and race creating patterns of manifestations and looping cycles of disruption, dysfunction and destruction.

During the three decades preceding the end of this master cycle of incarnation and the ascension of this earth plane into 4th Density vibration, the magnetism of the matrix began to return to the bodies of its inhabitants, and humanity became again aware of the power of thought as a tool for manifestation and creation of physical reality.

The Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction were introduced to humanity through the New Age movement, but the mechanics of how this really works were never truly revealed.  

It is not the repetition of positive affirmations, statements of desired outcomes as if they had already occurred, or the hanging of dream collages over our desks that would have allowed us to begin working with our expanding field of geometric creation!

It is the geometry created by our thoughts and emotions that creates our reality, if we control that geometry, we create our reality...

The Geometric Mandalas created by thoughts and emotions fill the Geometric Field and give form and structure to the potentials in the Magnetic Field .

Simply put, thoughts are geometry, and geometry is the code inserted into the magnetic grids of potential which create physical manifestation and expression of experience. 

This is the Law of Attraction

Geometry is the SECRET!
Geometric Light Language is the Tool.

Humans are now Magnetic Beings

As beings in the process of learning to be magnetic, we have the opportunity to adjust the grids created by our thought forms every 17 seconds!  (See Abraham-Hicks video)

As we embark upon 2013 and into the potentials of our fully activated DNA, we now also have the capability to exist as Grand Creators, points of gravity in interactive fields of resonant potential and life force emanations.   Geometric Light Language is our introduction to the Grids, through it we work with energetic grids constructed
before this cycle began, to be activated during this time as a 'safe' place in which humanity could begin to experiment with its new powers of creation
and manifestation:   see: The Lemurian Grid