GRIDS OF LIGHT-Discover Light Language - Geometric Light Language
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"In the intimate structure of an
 atom we discovered a small burst of energy that we enhanced into a force so powerful that it can destroy the world. In the intimate teachings of
 the tribe, we have discovered tools that give us the comprehension of
 light that will enable us to explore
 and know our inner and 
outer galaxies"      
 Starr Fuentes
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Geometric  Light Language
Light Language uses Sacred Geometry, color and light to create energetic structures and 'lasers' of focused
intention, allowing 'light-speed' communication to take place in the successful co-creation of our reality

Imagine for a moment that a sacred geometrical template of reality 
represents the holographic matrix and instead of a laser, the tool of projection becomes focused consciousness itself.

"On the physical plane we are
currently limited in communicating
with anyone in the world only by the speed of the equipment.  On the mental,emotional and spiritual planes, major steps still need to be taken.  In Light Language, we take the next major step.  We learn to read and 
write light, and communicate with
light on all levels.  Light Language is here and documented; it combines physics, sacred geometry, and light. Unlike words, Light Language stays
true to form."
Starr Fuentes

Thought is Geometry

Imagine that at every point in the body energy is transmitted or received- living, changing, three and four dimensional geometric mandalas are continuously created. 

These geometric thought forms
interact with the nested magnetism in the energetic grids of potential and form the reality that you experience in your daily life.

Each thought we entertain in our mind and every emotional reality we create through our feelings results in a cascade of geometric mandalas.

These patterns tend to form continuous transitions of overlapping geometric configurations around us.  By working with  quantum grids of structured light we can begin to take conscious control of this process.

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Vedic Square 
Tonal Light Language
 Grids & Activations

Planetary Magic Squares


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 Abraham-Hicks Explains the Grid-
 aka : The Things That Are Happening
 Around You Is Your Grid Filling In

Listen to what Abraham says about our Grids, 
and how quickly they are formed and fill in...
a Light Language Grid gives you conscious 
control over your grid creations, each time 
you are consciously aware or 'think' of your 
grid, it becomes stronger, and allows the 
reality of your choosing to 'fill in'...listen 
to the video below, and then imagine the 
possibilities of consciously setting grids
 in place around you!