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 Holographic Energy Exchange

As each of us and together Humanity continue to grow in spiritual understanding and as we move into New Earth energies, currency and the illusion of exchange will move through the process with one can be sure of how this will unfold, however, money is simply the physical manifestation of an holographic energy that flows between us....

Each Light Language connection is unique, the energies surrounding the interactions between Grids of Light and each one of you unfold in the moment and are therefore impossible to 'plan' for or assign dollar values to in advance.

It is my intention to move into co-creative ongoing relationships with those who connect with me as a facilitator for Geometric Light Language on their path, and what we do with each other almost always consists of much more than just ordering a simple grid...

This work is my passion, flowing from my Heart Space to yours, and we will work though the physical details of each energy exchange individually during our phone or Skype conversations.   

We are all riding these shifting energies together, so be sure to sign up for email updates from Grids of Light- I am building a new list and will be sharing lots of Sacred Geometry and special gifts with my Beloved Subscribers!

If you have a product or service that is your passion please contact me  to explore a 
Creative Energy Exchange!