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The Grids of Light Experience - 
An Expression of Multidimensional Co-Creation

As Light Language Practitioners we receive training through 'caught' teachings to create a connection on your behalf with Source, and intuitively receive 'downloads' of the grids which adjust the geometry that creates your reality.

After creating Grids of Light and working intuitively for some time with 7, 49, and 144 shape Grids with great success, it became very clear that the potentials of this work were reaching a point of expansion which required that intellect come into balance with intuition.

Since that day, Source has provided a steady stream of guidance, leading Grids of Light and its creator into an exploration of Sacred Geometry, Foundational Numbers and Arithmetic, Magnetism, Electricity, Realm and Wave Dynamics,  Quantum Physics, Ancient Chinese, Vedic, Pythagorean and Vortex maths, Planetary Magic Squares, Earth Grids, Etheric Bodies, Toroidal Fields, Universal Laws and the Multidimensional Expression of Consciousness in the physical Universes beyond this particular Earth Plane.
I realized that I act as a conduit to relay messages of geometrical Light Language onto the physical plane across dimensional realm boundaries, and that the connections from Source could come through many messengers of the Angelic, Crystalline and Elemental Realms, or from Higher Selves and Spirit Guides.  I learned that to define these sources limited the input I could receive, and that each experience was propelling my research forward in a fractal dance of interaction between myself, my clients, and the new thought forms created with each successive Grid.   

This work is unfolding before us as we walk together into New Earth, this is multidimensional co-creation -  and we are pioneers of consciousness, engaging the non-physical  in the pure geometric language of light, and interacting with the quantum realm through the raw material of numbers. Together we are learning to navigate our timelines to retrieve the cosmic blueprints of our souls and repair distorted structures that effect our health, happiness, and growth as newly magnetic beings on an ascending planet.

Traditional Light Language grids create a one-way energy 'gate' in which the flow of energy enters from one corner and travels the grid, becoming structured as it proceeds, exiting the opposite corner as a focused laser of intention which brings the entire field towards resonance, and serves as a controlled way to interact with the magnetic fields of potential we exist within.

By overlaying the timeless Vedic multiplication table with color & geometries received via non-physical energetic connections, then arranging them through intelligent intuition into multi-dimensional tools, the focused laser of intention becomes Tonal Light Language, a structured field of potentials with infinite expressions unique to each ONE experiencing it. 

The experience you will have with Grids of Light is very much your own unique creation, there is no format or definition or rigid modality.  My greatest joy is in the un-definition of the process and energetic interaction I have with each client, each connection, each grid.

The process begins with a contact request from this site or an email to:  
If you use the contact form I will email you and ask you to i
There is literally not anything we can not work on together.  As this body of knowledge and technique grows we grow with it, recreating ourselves over and over again as we activate and transform.

If the information on this website resonates with you then your guides have led you have a part to play in this co-creation if you choose to express it...I would love to hear from YOU.