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Please Contact Me for more information about any of the Grids posted here, or anything you can find on the Grids of Light Facebook Page that is not uploaded here yet.  I can provide downloadable PDF files or Art Prints of any of the Grids.  

Any Grid can also be customized or 'programmed' with personal intentional statements, affirmations, different backgrounds etc. Just provide me with what you would like to have added via email through this Contact Form.  I

                          QUANTUM HEALING Root Grid -
Created in May 2015, this grid communicates through physical, mental and emotional bodies, across timelines and dimensions.  It is part of the Tonal Clearing Activation found
here.  The complete description of this Grid and its properties can be found here.

This grid was created during the first days of April 2015, and helps us to "Embrace the unpredictable nature of life on Planet Earth in 2015 and open ourselves to the divine flexibility which will allow us to flow with our own unique innovations into releasing thought forms and patterns which no longer serve us individually or collectively."  Read the entire post here:

Leo Full Moon Root Grid- February 2015
(read the full description here)

JANUARY 31 2014 - New Root Grid for 2015
Liberation from Mind 
Expansion of ConsciousnessCrystallization of FormRealities CollapseCreation Begins Anew
WIth Unconditional Love and
Sovereignty For ALLHAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

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