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Sacred Geometry and Phi Resonance

"Sacred geometry is the study of geometric forms and their metaphorical relationships to human evolution as well as a study in fluid evolutionary transitions of mind, emotions, spirit, and consciousness reflected in the succeeding transition from one sacred geometric form (consciousness state) into another."

The Phi Spiral is expressed geometrically by the tetrahedron,emerging from the Golden spiral at the center of the sphere, the platonic solids unfold from there...

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platonics"True sacred geometric forms never fixate or stagnate on one single form. Instead they are actually in constant fluid transcendence and change (evolve or devolve) from one geometric form to another at their own speed or frequency."
Ronald Holt

The Platonic Solids are the building blocks of polarized 3D reality, generated constantly by thought, the Uniform Polyhedra appear as the Platonics become more complex, the polyhedra filling in the gaps between the edges of the less complex shapes.

The Golden Phi Spiral is infinite, it cannot be contained to this dimension, the decimals places never resolve. It is mirrored in physical reality by the Fibonacci Spiral, metaphor for body and spirit, the Fibonacci Spiral has a beginning on this physical plane, where as the Phi Spiral has no beginning or end and flows through all dimensions, manifesting all that we know to be reality as it passes through.

This spiral is the seed within the sphere, Sacred Geometry embodies the Phi Ratio and the Phi Ratio is Life Force. 

Imagine this flowing geometry being compressed and folded over on itself time and time again by the heavy magnetic field of 3D matrix reality, there are infinite configurations of infinite formations of observed geometries which have been distorted and no longer flow with the Golden Life Force of Phi . 

This is the matrix in which we have lived in up to this point in planetary and conscious cyclic evolution, the distorted buildup of stagnant geometric forms of hundreds of lifetimes and reinforced by generation after generation is now unlocked for us to work with and we are being given the tools and knowledge to do so!

The Grids we create using the Light Language of this lineage, are actually nested patterns of platonics increasing in complexity to nestings of complex Uniform Polyhedra and Hyper Geometries. The nesting causes an escalation in energy and increase in harmonic resonance, bringing the forms closer to unicity, creating spherical formations in the fields.

Hunab Ku
The Golden Spiral of Life,
Hidden, in the center of all things, deep inside your Heart, there's a Secret, it's called LIFE

At the very core of sacred geometry lies the Golden Spiral, expression of the Golden Mean, also known as the Golden Ratio, Divine Section and various other names, Mayans knew it as Hunab Ku.
In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio (φ) if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one.  


In nature, we find the Golden Phi ratio in patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to things discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances.

Geometry which is consistent with the Golden Ratio, or Phi, is infinitely expansive, dimensional, and in resonance with the harmonic of Life Force.  

When we consciously activate a set of prime or sacred geometric proportions around a body such as a tetrahedron (or any of the platonic solids), we are tuning our own personal frequencies to coordinate and operate in concordance with the dominant harmonic.

The Geometry of light Language is Sacred Phi Resonant Geometry, and when we place it consciously into our expanded holographic geometric field programmed with frequencies of light (color), the geometry acts like a lens, focusing the laser of consciousness into the field of potentials...and the manifestation of our specific desired creations!

Utilizing the Universal tool of Light Language works on the distorted matrix geometries, bringing circular flow and motion into the field of reality, and functions as a very practical and effective tool towards reality creation-used alone or in addition or complement to any other spiritual tool or energetic healing modality.

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