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Starr Fuentes and the Light Language Lineage


Light Language has been passed down for over 25 generations in an unbroken lineage
of Mexican Curanderos (Mexican Shamans, Master Healers).  

The ancient Mayan system of Light Language is a caught teaching, transmitted directly from teacher to student. Emanated from Aura to Aura.

The current lineage holder of this ancient system,Starr Fuentes, spent three years in the jungles of Mexico with her beloved teacher, a Mexican Curandera (female Mexican Shaman) namedEsperanza who passed the teachings on to her and
instructed herto bring the teachings
forth at this time that all humanity may benefit from these Universal truths.

 "In the core of the tribes is information and knowledge that has been handed down for generations. As the tribes, in the last twenty years, have been willing to open their sacred lessons to the people of the light, we can respond by opening our minds to teachings that they have gifted us."   Starr Fuentes

To learn more about Starr's incredible life and work visit her website

Read Starr's message from the Official Light 
Language website here.

Light Language for New Earth

Through the work we are doing here at Grids of Light, we are expanding Light Language into New Earth for 2013 and beyond!  Our research has led us into Vortex Maths and the ancient Chinese and Vedic roots of the Universal number patterns which make up our Universe! By applying Sacred Geometrical grids as 'overlays' to the matrices and quantum lattice structures which physical reality is structured around we are stepping
into a new level of creatorship, available to us now in our newly
TONAL Universe.

Combining the knowledge and wisdom
given to us by the Light Language
Lineage with ancient mathematical structures and leading edge quantum research we are developing the tool of Light Language into a comprehensive system of reality creation on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Etheric.

The secret to perfect health and emotional freedom lies within the core of every atom of our bodies.  Through Numbers,
 Sacred Geometry, Color, Sound and Structured Light we can work with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies to tune the liquid crystal network of our physical frame and the corresponding etheric body structures to bring about emotional healing and even cell regeneration!

If you have found yourself here, and this
information is resonating with you in this 
moment, then your Guides and Higher 
Selves have led you here, follow your Heart!


Light Language is OUR Tool

This pure geometric form of the Languages of Light was given to the Mayans by their Venusian benefactors, and was protected and preserved by a small tribe, in the jungles of central Mexico. 

Starr Fuentes was called there,
to this place of miracles, and she
has given humanity this gift...practical, 
demystified information into the
quantum structure of thought, the 
sacred geometries that are the keys
to manifestation on this physical plane
and to dimensional mastery.

The Grids and Emanations given us through this Lineage are humanities introduction into higher levels of communication.  A wonderful gift and
an powerful tool for humanity; as the magnetism of our planets field decreases, and our energetic 
environment becomes so much less heavy, allowing the expansion of our geometric field...We ARE Gaian awakening, New Earth Human, capable of all things, but not yet aware of the multidimensional beings that we have become!

This is a tool for ALL HUMANITY, regardless of belief system, spiritual background, life experiences, occupation-many of you will be led to this information so that you may
explore it, and use it in your own lives and those of whom seek your assistance, in whatever form that may be.  Healers, Lightworkers, Counselors, Therapists, Clergy, Medical 

Others will find themselves here 
and not know why, just that they have come, and in reading these pages will realize that they are not powerless in their situations, and that they do not
have to compromise anything they may believe, or be required to change how they go about their day, they do not have to read, study, meditate, or deprive themselves etc...all they must do is be open, 'believe in the grid', and ask!!...

This is YOUR tool, all of you,
it has been inserted in the timeline specifically to help each of us at
this particular and auspicious time!