GRIDS OF LIGHT-Discover Light Language - Vagus Nerve Activation
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Vagus Nerve Activations Coming Soon!  We are very excited about this new certification...via Steve Rother and the Group

Grids of Light is combining these incredible Activations and Exercises given by Steve Rother and the Group with Light Language Grids and Emanations.

Your Personalized Vagus Nerve Activation will be unique to YOU.  Each of us is now able to learn to work with and activate our Vagus Nerve, it is the first and very important step to our New Earth Physiology, in which
we take control over our physical vessel, and live free of illnesses and ailments caused by energetic blockages and distortions.

The Medical field is working with the Vagus via electronic stimulation, but the Group has shown us that our spiritual/energetic interface can be activated not by invasive surgeries, but by COMPASSION!

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In the meantime, I have compiled information from several sources into a blog post which is quite informative.  You may view it here.