My Journey

My spiritual awakening began nine years ago, when I dug a piece of Harlequin Quartz out of the sandy soil of the Kalahari Desert. I wanted a memento to take home with me: a vital, living piece of the land I spent a summer falling in love with.


Throughout all the ups and downs of the years that followed, whenever I felt sad or stressed or overwhelmed, I put the crystal on the ground, and gently placed my bare feet on top of it. I would immediately feel a warm wave of calm and comfort wash over me, from my feet all the way up to my forehead, and my mind would finally stop racing. Some days it was the only thing that made me feel comforted and grounded, and I wondered if there was something to this crystal healing thing after all. 

Crystals are magical gifts from our Mama Earth. They're lovely to look at, and like everything that She blesses us with, they also serve a practical purpose. Crystals are proof that useful things can be beautiful too, and sometimes the most profound healing comes from surrounding ourselves with small things that give us pleasure

I created Grids of Light to share these gifts with you. To make art that you can use to facilitate your own spiritual awakening, regardless of what stage of the journey you're on. Every grid that I make is one of a kind, and totally unique to you. It's customized to direct and amplify your specific intention, because I believe at the core, you know what's best for you more than anyone else does. After all, at the end of journey whom do we meet except ourselves? 

Love and light.