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Information and Geometry to Assist in Navigating Intense Sunspot Activity
A Two Part Series


The grid above combines two very powerful sets of geometries - those specifically received for the October 23, 2014 astrological events, and a second set given previously in late June of 2014 to assist us in receiving, processing and utilizing the massive influx of energies coming to us from our erupting Sun. These mathematical grids are laid over an image of erupting sunspot AR2192.

As the first days of this intense period of activity and X-Class flares began I was intuitively guided to combine the two grids, and to create the complex structured torus field in which we could work with the energetic anions of the solar flares on the other side of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014.


Each Geometric Light Language grid is composed of 9 specifically colored, phi resonant regular polyhedra.
Each polyhedron carries one of the fundamental numeric vibrations of the numbers 1 -9. These shapes are then arranged into the universal pattern of the Vedic Square.

I will explain in great detail the mathematics and energetic properties of the Vedic Square in a later article, but for the purposes of this article I will describe the Vedic Square as the ancient mathematical table of the Digital Root of the numbers 1-9. It is a table of the Harmonics of the numbers 1-9 and contains the numerical root pattern of most spiritual, religious, occult and magical symbols known throughout the history of humanity.

The equation of the Vedic Square repeats itself to infinity, and since the patterns rotate, it is a torus. The type of torus created by the Vedic Square is known as the Rodin Torus, a coil which produces a Uniform Electromagnetic Field.

Below are the Vedic Square root grids of the two sets of geometries that make up the Solar Maximum tools. Each root grid repeats and rotates to create the fields of geometry that are expressed in various ways as Geometric Light Language grids.

The infinite phi resonant patterns of these grids infuse our consciousness regardless of what form or configuration they are viewed in. Multiple artistic impressions of the root grids intuitively express themselves through me. The grids can be laid over any type of background to further structure the field of potential they create; in the case of the Solar Maximum Tool set they are laid over recent images of our Sun and the erupting sunspot AR2192.


The geometries and colors of each grid are translated using the information aurically transmitted from teacher to student by the Light Language Lineage, an unbroken lineage of over 25 generations of Mexican/Mayan curanderas. The lineage held the tribal knowledge secret in the jungles of central Mexico until several years ago, when humanity became ready to receive it. I was formally trained by the current lineage holder Starr Fuentes and her apprentice Zabe Barnes in 2011.

I spoke in Part One about the teachings of Ekara, and the geometric field that surrounds the gravitational energetic field of our physical body. My belief is that the knowledge of the pure geometric language of light was transmitted to Starr Fuentes at the time when the electromagnetic field of the planet had weakened enough to allow humanity to begin to create through the geometry of thought.

Each of us now has an expanded field of geometry surrounding us; it is in this space that we can work with the Geometric Light Language tools.

The knowledge of the frequency characteristics and energetic properties of the 80 regular polyhedra and the 144 resonant color vibrations is utilized to create the grids which are structured torus fields.

These structured torus grids shape thought simply by looking at them, creating a framework around which we can practice our increasing powers of creation. The grids can be programmed with intention and transmitted throughout the nested torus fields of all that is, carrying wavelengths of life force phi resonance into all fields they come in contact with.

In the next section I will translate in general terms the geometries comprising each of the two grids which create the Solar Maximum tools, then speak about the potentials unlocked when they are joined together to create a more complex arrangement.


The grids will be presented separately and together in different forms, and I encourage you to consciously work with whichever expression resonates with you in the moment. The instruction of how to best work with these tools is left mostly to the intuition of each person; you may wish to engage in open eye meditation, place them on your altar, phone or computer background, refrigerator, bathroom mirror or wherever the presence of the grid enters your awareness.

Breath the grid in and out of you, become aware of your heart centered torus field being filled with the resonant geometries, then program your intentions, or transmit stress and discomfort into the center of the grid to be transformed. Use the grid to bring the charged cosmic particles in through you and ground them to the core of Gaia, then transmit them infinitely outward up through your feet - swirling through your belly, your heart and your head.

There is no right or wrong way to use or experience the grids...just let your energy flow, become centered, present, open your heart and
 B R E A T H E.


The geometries of this grid establish and 'lock-in' communication between Universal Consciousness and our DNA. The magnetic particles throughout our brains and the intense electromagnetic sensitivity of the pineal gland are tuned by these geometries to receive and distribute Source power, accurately activating mind-body parameters, removing stress, pain, and uncomfortable inertia.

The dark orange shapes encircling the grid are the Pentagrammic Crossed Antiprism. These shapes use magic of the highest order to act like 'magic mirrors' -- splitting and bending incoming light and twisting energies to facilitate the merging of higher spiritual frequencies into the material plane.

Magnetism entering the field of this grid is drawn in and it's intensity lightened before it is cohesively oriented between energies. Disagreeable and/or heavy magnetic frequencies are blended gently, infused with grace and directed to flow along appropriate paths.

Any chaos created in our physical and emotional bodies and consequently in our daily life and our world by the influx of high frequency particles is taken into order, direction and clarity by this grid. Unnecessary energies, molecules, thoughts and psychic objects are cleared from our path with an aura cleansing astringent quality.

We are connected to Source by this grid and assisted in releasing lower density soul contracts and agreements with freedom and peace of mind. Our cells are re-calibrated and purged of low frequency toxic emotion. Emotional energies are fine tuned as the solar energies release the cellular memory and bring aspects of our soul's blueprint forward into our conscious awareness.

The Great Stellated Dodecahedron in the position of 8 in this grid functions to rebuild our consciousness and re-train our body systems to function comfortably in higher frequency energetic environments. The communication of our nervous system is thoroughly and aggressively transformed and re-constructed to facilitate healing and lasting change in our physical vessel.

While this grid focuses mostly on assisting us in our personal field and on an individual level, the second grid of the set works with each of us personally and at the same time all of humanity on a larger collective scale.


The powerful light of Source is pulled into this field by the gold vibration of the Great Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron surrounding it in the numeric position of 9. On an individual level the energies are synthesized and read before being dissipated to needed areas. The creation of new receptors in our bodies are facilitated by these shapes. On a collective level the gold vibration mediates and 'polices' Source light as it enters the field of our planet.

The fine tuned synchronization of incoming energies to the Schumann Resonances of Earth are combined with power, light and healing to signal change in every detail of our rising lives. Using the forces in this grid we become conduits of vibration to raise our own frequencies and ground enlightenment for all the inhabitants of Gaia.

Diverse types of energies flowing through our planets atmosphere and into our own personal fields is masterfully defined, coordinated and linked by the Truncated Cuboctahedron. The fushia vibration brings blue and red energy together to bring gentle expression and lighthearted co-creation in our relationships and in our communities. Our leaders are infused with diplomacy, mastery and vision. These vibrational frequencies are excellent antidotes for craziness and nerves on every level.

Reactive energies are disassociated and blended with ease and grace into our lives as universal aspects come together in our bodies, minds and spirits. Diplomacy and the expansion of successful co-creation in a collective context is facilitated by the organizing, ordering and recombining of energies and forces. These characteristics assist us on a personal level by sorting out the myriad of energies we are being impacted by during this time of transformation.

On a quantum level, accumulated exothermic and subatomic energies (photons; ectoplasm; endomorphic energies; subatomic particles) are lifted and diminished in their intensity as their energetic and physical qualities are being raised. Contaminants are purified from all the nooks and crannies of our thoughts, our minds, and our public environments.

The building and restructuring of programs on personal and collective levels is carried out according to Universal and Natural Laws with a powerful connection to Source that is not concerned with patterns, but with the perfection and mastery of forms. Discarded energies are eliminated with ultimate forgiveness by the vibration of Light Goldenrod Yellow in the grid.


When the powerful forces contained in the two grids as I have just related them to you come together into a complex form, a new quantum light field is created that explodes with the force of the solar energies that are flowing into it.

Photonic and electromagnetic particles are infused with pure gold source energy as they are magically twisted and split into rays of gentle, yet intense light which is infused with the characteristics of all the geometries of both grids. As the forces are layered and distributed through the complex torus field, great magnification and expansion occurs. The frequencies swirl, expand and pulsate to assist us in whatever way we can imagine.

It is my hope that everyone who looks upon these grids of quantum light will use them in their personal transformation during this time of Solar Maximum, and also intentionally infuse the subconscious fields of all humanity, our solar system and our galaxy with the power of Geometric Light Language.

This article originally written for and posted on The Rising Way by Angela Savitri Petersen

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