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February 2015

LEO FULL MOON Root Grid ~ Feb.3,2015

New Root Grid


The Seven Rays are being focused at a higher level of consciousness as Uranus oversees the Leo Full Moon on February 3rd and the Aquarian Aquarian New Moon February 18, signaling catalyst for change. The arc of Uranus/Pluto signals collapse, transformation, evolution and growth on a long term scale.

Our Sun continues to shower us with photonic light and the planetary influences are in place to use the second half of this Mercury retrograde cycle and the month of February to raise vibrations and to grow in our individual lives and as such at a collective level. As we will experience the 7 and final direct Grand Cross between Pluto and Uranus around March 18 we can use the planetary energies of February to cultivate our uniqueness amidst the chaos of our physical reality, and each find our way to transform and become who we are to become!

There is something seeded in each of us, waiting to be awoken, ready to lead us on the path to our true identity and our true purpose in life. Each person has meaning and value already inside them, ready to aid in healing this chaotic world. “ Michael Meade

Program this Root Grid with your conscious ideas, dreams, thoughts and intentions and use the mandala grids that follow for open eye meditation or to fill your physical space with the field of potential and creation that they create. For more backgrounds, colors and expressions or to order custom Grids visit

The energies of this root grid have presented themselves and grown over this last week of January, asking to be gifted to humanity as we step into February 2015 to aid us in consciously committing to bring our ideas, our passions, our TRUTH forward into manifestation across all densities, planes, timelines and realities. This Leo Full Moon of February 3 is full of positive energy! This Grid will assist in harnessing these incredible alignments to heal our wounds, speak our truths and start to make positive changes in our lives and for our Planet!!

The Root Grid is based on the infinite torus patterns of the digital roots which make up the Vedic Square.

The 3-6-9 channel of this Grid is made up of soft, light frequencies paired with powerful geometries to make the energies of this field feel good, but be multidimensional and universally powerful in their potentials.

Misty rose in the 3 position brings the past and present together in the heart- blending timelines and realities, making NOW the perfect time! The Great Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron pulses with this frequency to synthesize the energy readings of the body, focus on vibration and distribute and dissipate the incoming light towards brilliance and mastery.

This energetic direction and focusing is made gentler and softer by the presence of Pink in the position of 6. The Dodecadodecahedron directs energies like a foreman with magic to make physical plane things 'work'. The inertia of stresses and pain are released by the enduring force of this potential.

The 'power' circuit of the Grid is completed by the universal power of the Great Dodecahedron in the place of 9. This polyhedra vibrating in the frequency of Lavender Blush activates the parameters between our bodies and our minds, moving us forward and connecting earth consciousness to universal conscious; connecting this grid to cosmic grids; communicating our intention to the cosmos and into All That Is.

The characteristics of the grid are self perpetuated by the yellow Truncated Dodecadodecahedron in the position of 1. Unnecessary thoughts, particles, energies and objects are cleared from your path. A deep clarity is brought into communications as magical powers flow in to bring about normal processes in perpetuity of truth in what is to be.

This process is balanced and aided by the force of the 8 position carried out by the Small Rhombidodecahedron in Lemon Chiffon. Like a 'Magic Harmonizer', this shape works across dimensions, through Earth Energies and 'X-factors' (not necessarily understood by humans) to blend chaos and confusion into breakthrough and clarity.

The transformative elemental properties of the Rhombidodecadodecahedron are amplified by the vibration of Lime in the position 7. Electrical and Magnetic energies are separated and combined, employing our guides and angels in the processes, instilling discipline, motivation, and generosity.

This force is complemented in the 2 position by warrior spirit of the Small Dedecahemidodecahedron- keeping your environment stable across all planes as it responds to your new activities-first in your consciousness, then helps you to require less and less energy to actually manifest onto the physical planes.

Friction and Resistance to the grand life changes allowed by these forces are gently dissipated as the Spring Green Great Snub Dodecicosidodecahedron takes chaos into order through the force of 5, creating new programs that follow your plan, regardless of current patterns and appearances.

The core of who you are and what you want on the Planet Earth is healed and fine tuned by the Great Ditrigonal Dodecicosidodecahedron in the frequency of Coral carrying the fundamental force of 4. Your essence works with reality and illusion to start the co-creation of your self as you will exist in New Earth.

The patterns of the Vedic Square are Phi Resonant and infinite- so the potentials and interactions between the shapes and color vibrations are infinite as well. These descriptions give you an idea of the structure of the field, what you do with it is uniquely your own.

Download printable PDF Files of this Grid and it other expressions here.

Find more information about Geometric Light Language and the Grids at