Caring for Your Grid

A Guide to Chakras

Just like any piece of technology, your grid needs to be cleaned and charged every once in a while. In case you lost the care instructions that came with your grid, here's a backup copy! Just click on the PDF icon to download and print. 

Crystal grids are useful tools in aligning and balancing your chakras, but what exactly are chakras and why do they matter? Download this quick and colourful guide to learn how energy flows through your body, and how you can harness it.

Guide to the Zodiac

Using the Lunar Cycle 

You can use a crystal grid to amplify and balance the energies of your dominant zodiac signs, but first it's helpful to know what each sign means and the areas of life it rules over. Download this short and colourful guide to each of the twelve signs to get an idea of how you can use astrology to form an intention for a grid! 

You can supercharge your intentions by learning to work with the lunar cycle. Aligning with the energies of each different phase of the moon will support whatever you're manifesting and help you to reach your goals in perfect timing. This free guide walks you through each lunar phase and outlines how you can work with it.