What is a Crystal Grid? 

Grids are like spiritual technology...an energetic device that amplifies the energy of your intention, so it can go out into the world with the best possible chance of returning back to you. They're tools to use when manifesting your goals and desires because the energy of all the crystals combined with the sacred geometry of the grid helps to strengthen and focus your intention, making you more likely to manifest it.

The intention of the grid is your goal. 

What is it that you need more of in your life? Meditating on an intention or a desired goal is the spark that gets the engine of the grid running. To focus on an intention, it sometimes helps to write it down so that it's clear. Start with what you want to see more of in your life, versus starting with what you lack. You attract what you put out there, so manifesting from an energy of "I wish I had more of..." will cause you to resonate with lack instead of abundance and that's what you'll end up attracting: more of what you don't want. To formulate a powerful intention, focus instead on what you already have, and how you'd like that to work for you: "I am grateful for the opportunity to get lots of sleep this week. May it be restful and restorative." 

Sacred Geometry 

Crystals are laid down in specific shapes and patterns that mimic mathematical sequences and fractals that are ubiquitous in the universe. Each of these patterns has a specific meaning, describing a stage in the life-death-life cycle of death, rebirth and creation. The placement of crystals in one of these formations helps to charge and direct their energy in a powerful, cohesive way. 

Crystals for Grids

The crystals used in a grid should be mindfully selected to enhance and support the intention behind it. Crystals have a molecular structure that resonates at the same frequency as different chakras and astrological signs, so choosing crystals that work well together and amplify these energies is important.